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Thread: There was once a religion called Science.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike alexander View Post
    Just go to bed after a shower with your hair wet.

    Or you could go Punk Scientist and shave your head with Occam's Razor.
    And don't forget to wear Kuyper's Belt, and a belt around your Asteroids too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike alexander View Post
    I am not mocking rebelsuns, but the thread sounds like the start of a limerick.
    I thought it WAS one... how disappointing!!

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    You bumped a 2 and a half year old thread for that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebelsuns View Post
    For that reason, it is imperative that our beliefs and convictions ought to
    be checked time and again. Proud beings that we are and blinded by our faith in ourselves, it pays to have our convictions questioned and our authority challenged once in a while.

    wise indeed.

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