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Thread: Really trivial stuff that amuses you...

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    My wife and I have been watching the live Tour de France coverage as usual. After an ad break the local broadcaster will occasionaly show a quick montage of scenic highlights, interesting fans etc from the previous hour or so of the coverage. These are usually accompanied by jaunty music of some sort. The last one was mostly showing the riders going across a long dam wall - accompanied by the theme from "The Dam Busters"! (i.e the Dam Busters March)

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    Due to a post on another forum, I have just reviewed the trials and tribulations of Simple Graphics Man. You should too.

    Stuff that bugs me: Thetherd Cow Ahead is no longer updated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trebuchet View Post
    Due to a post on another forum, I have just reviewed the trials and tribulations of Simple Graphics Man. You should too.
    I'm alarmed by the instruction to "Apply Moving Force On Narrow Dimension". A classic example of people using a Big Word when a Short Word is clearer. You apply the force to a side, not a dimension. And you apply the force on the narrow side, but at right angles to the narrow dimension.

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    One of the communal mugs at my school says "I am silently correcting your grammar," so I used it for my coffee.

    Of course, I correct students' grammar.

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