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Thread: Intermittent "You marked 0 craters" etc.

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    Intermittent "You marked 0 craters" etc.

    I am getting intermittent messages when I complete some images that I've incorrectly marked the image, and marked 0 craters and "x" non-craters. It then gives me the option to open the tutorial or to close it and show me the "correct" markings - only it doesn't show ANY markings. If I then re-mark the image, much as I did the first time, it goes through the "done" process with no complaints.

    Is this indicative of something already known, or a new problem?

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    We are working on it. Hopefully it will stay fixed this time.

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    I see, I was getting the same error message in some cases. Thanks

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    Now the image of practice of the tutorial is the only one that is downloaded.
    When you're done, reappears, and not download new images

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    Should be fixed tell me if anything breaks again.

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