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Thread: What are you watching?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJSF View Post
    But then again, not as feel good, given the apparent inability of the Rebel Alliance/Republic to make any sort of secure situation in the DECADES after the fall of the Empire, allowing the events of The Force Awakens to unfold.

    (Yeah, I know, we all understand that by the end of all this - however many movies, games, cartoons, books, and comics - it'll "work out", but by all accounts the franchise's producers are going to drag this story out for a long long long time.)

    Fiction without conflict would be really boring.

    Just look at Star Trek. The Federation is practically a utopia, a way, way nicer place to live than the Galactic Republic ever was; but it's always coming into conflict with outside threats.
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    American Ninja Warrior started last week, but I didn't watch the premiere until last night. I so much love this sport, especially the athletes. I'm a little unsure of the new women's rules, though. Previously, the women competed completely equal and along the men, but this season in addition to the top 30 qualifiers moving to their city's finals, the top 5 women automatically make it. But last year 4 women made the Philadelphia finals with no such rule, and the women are getting more and more on a par with the men. It was explained that this new rule is because the women are getting stronger, but I don't see how that follows.

    Also, Makoto Nagano was there!!!! He was there to support David Campell, I think? He did the ceremonial whack on the back, but my wife and I were too busy whooping it up for Nagano that we kind of missed who it was. We'll catch up with the San Antonio qualifier tonight.

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    American Gods wrapped up its first season and I can hardly wait for the second. I love the way the story is told and unfolds, the acting continues to be first rate, and now ...

    Kristin Chenoweth! Just short of five feet tall, but ten feet of talent. The perfect Ostara. Now if they can just find a way to let her sing.

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