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Thread: Missions to asteroid Apophis in 2029.

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    Missions to asteroid Apophis in 2029.

    There are no know missions I know of that are planned to visit this asteroid in 2029 but I am guessing there will be. Three reasons. This not a small asteroid but one the is over 1,000 feet across. The other reason is in 2029 it will be so close to earth that it will pass through some of the satellites that are in high orbit and would also be a naked eye object. So any mission planned to visit it will take days not years to reach it.

    A decade from now, on April 15, 2029, an asteroid will swing past the Earth, just barely missing everything. The asteroid—nicknamed Apophis—will be as close as some of our satellites and only a few thousand miles away from the Earth’s atmosphere itself. That would make it one of the closest near-miss asteroids in history, and an incredible chance for scientists to learn as much as they can about it.
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    I wonder if any of the more northerly Russian Molniya orbits allow for things to get really close.

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