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Thread: Drawings: NGC 2264 "Christmas Tree" Cluster in Monoceros

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    Drawings: NGC 2264 "Christmas Tree" Cluster in Monoceros

    Below are two drawings I made this week of the "Christmas Tree" open cluster in Monoceros, NGC 2264.

    The first drawing shows the cluster as a whole, with several regions of nebulosity that became visible with the use of narrowband and Oxygen III filters - and also with averted vision and some patience. (I also spent time looking for the elusive Cone Nebula, near the "top" of the tree. It was not even glimpsed, however.)

    The second drawing shows a specific area of the cluster, the nebulosity around the stars 15 and S Monoceros. At 343x, my scope revealed a bright string of nebulosity that appeared to be coming from one of the stars. In his book "Hidden Treasures", p. 190, Stephen O'Meara reports seeing several similar bright strings.

    The drawings are made with a 2B pencil on Canson drawing paper, then processed with GIMP 2.8 software.

    - Roy in New Mexico


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