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Thread: How to handle the ufo question

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    There are 2.1 Billion people running around with digital cameras. Posting millions of pictures and videos online every day. Where are the They? Not here. We would have seen them! imho.

    -- Dennis
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    I saw a triangular UFO while driving near Lambert Field, St. Louis, once. I sussed out that it was the landing lights of an aircraft coming straight at me. The guide lights ran past the road I was on so I knew I was in the glide path.

    This is significant because Belleville, Illinois, the first place to report a triangular UFO, isn't far from here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swift View Post
    why do a high percentage of Americans (and, I strongly suspect, most groups of humans) believe in [...] wee people, etc.
    If Pratchett says so, it's good enough for me.
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