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Thread: Movie scenes you've never understood

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    Quote Originally Posted by grant hutchison View Post
    Are you recalling the sequence in which Paul, the team leader, got swept away when the bridge was washed out with his vehicle on it? I can't think of anything else.
    The river was fall of water and trees, and the flood was depicted as resulting primarily from a dam failure upstream.
    You can see the dam breaking on YouTube here, and the bridge going here. With the scenes of fast snowmelt at the start of the dam sequence, it looks like a lahar brewing, but then the dam failure produces a conventional flood instead.

    Was there another sequence with a proper lahar?
    No, you're right. I'm misremembering. I will say that it's my only personal concern for my safety if Mount Rainier erupts (when Mount Rainier erupts, let's be honest). I'm far enough away to not really worry, except when I'm at faire, but the probable paths of various lahars could be an issue for me, depending on what I'm doing the day it erupts.

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    One of my nieces in Boise refuses to visit us out here because she's afraid of Mt Rainier. Even though the ash cloud would head her way.
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