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Thread: An ideal alternatives of big bang theory via correcting Einsteinís field equation

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    An ideal alternatives of big bang theory via correcting Einsteinís field equation

    If don't go to search the problem from general relativity itself, trying to reinvent the wheel to set up the new theory instead of the big bang model will be shallow, could not succeed. Certainly, such opinion to say the general relativity no merit is either very inadvisable, this is actually the nihilism in science. However big bang cosmology must be replaced because it goes against the logic of science, besides it there are structural and directional errors. Big bang theory is in a disastrous state, its position of pseudo science is more and more clear, more and more scholars are abandoning the doctrine. Chinese scholar Yang Jian liang set out the establishment of alternative theories of big bang theory via modifying Einstein gravitational field equation and has improved and expanded the theory and application of general relativity. In fact,if general relativity continue to keep present situation and stop development it will indeed be overthrow or substituted soon. The modified field equations persists as simple and elegant as the original equation, unlike other modifications that only considering the need to cater to the cosmology, free added items to basic equations and so that Newton's law of gravitation is not allowed in the very weak spherically symmetric gravitational field, obviously such modified field equation cannot continue be called gravitational field equation because it has no thing to do with gravitation. The new alternative theory abandons the instant creation of big bang and accept Hoyleís thought of slow continuous creation and on logic more closely, can better explain the observed facts. The new theory shows that not only the space between galaxies but also galaxy itself are in expansion all along in the same proportion - -- todayís sky seen in magnifier is the practical sky after several years, new materials generate continuously in the celestial, for example, the sun and the earth are increasing constantly, the distance between they is becoming more and more far, The sun's rays is brighter and brighter than getting dark, the earth is getting hotter. The irrefutable fact that sun is more and more bright is not explained by the big bang theory, according to the big bang theory the temperature of the universe is getting lower, the sun has no exception of cause its temperature become higher, if gravitational contraction makes the sun brighter, this can also apply to other celestial bodies and must lead to today's temperature of the entire universe is higher than after big bang when matter did not gather and the Big Bang is unable to justify own argument. Yang liang liang paper ďModification of gravitational field equation and rational solution to cosmological puzzles Ē

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