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Thread: Question to moderators regarding "debunked" status

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    Question to moderators regarding "debunked" status

    I want to be very cautious here, and although I'm going to post in the ATM subforum I don't particularly like the idea of going against the mainstream. What I'm trying to post about is not a new discovery, but it's about what I see as a loss of context information during the development of a specialised field.

    In the original (and very successful) theory method A and method B are ways to come to conclusions about what happens to objects, and they're different perspectives, giving answers in different contexts and don't contradict each other. When the specialised field was created, the original scientists realized that method A could not be used to answer the question they wanted to answer, so they taught to their students that to answer the question, they shouldn't use method A, but only method B. Eventually the field progressed and other questions came up, but I think by then those in charged were not the original generalists, but the specialists who learnt as students to use method B - and because they only did that, regarded method A as generally wrong, even when questions came up that could be answered with it, basically using the correctness of method B to "debunk" method A. So to defend the notion that method A can be used in the specialised field, I need to use the original theory, and would like to have those checking it also using it (instead of relying on the notion the correctness of B debunks A).

    Can I do that? Otherwise it would be useless for me to make the ATM post in the first place.


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    Will you be making ATM claims in the thread? Your description is far too circumspect for me to be sure. I need more detail.
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    It's circumspect because I don't want to make ATM claims in this thread. My entire point rests on there having been an interpretation error along the way - if I'm forced to accept their interpretation as reason I'll immediately get shot down. Can I ask in a private message?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankWSchmidt View Post
    Can I ask in a private message?
    That is exactly what I was going to suggest. Or, if you can easily do it in a few lines, use the "Report Post" feature so every moderator can see it, not just the one you sent a PM to. But a mod can share a PM too, if that is easier for you, format-wise. (Preferably a mod in your timezone, of course.)
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