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Thread: 1 km reolution of exoplanets

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    1 km reolution of exoplanets

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    1 km reolution of exoplanets

    A little more detail:

    As to your question, it's mostly a matter of engineering and funding. The distance of 550 AU is more than 51 billion miles from the Sun so it won't be trivial to communicate and control the FOCAL craft. Voyager 1 is currently 141 AU or 20 light hours from the Sun (and still ticking) but it needed 40 years to get there. So the largest struggle (aside from the technology required to use the Sun as a lens) would be to build the collective willpower for such a mission.

    ETA: And the solar orbit of an object at 550 AU would be measured in thousands of years. So to obtain the baseline that the Wiki article suggests also requires a lengthy mission profile, to say the least.
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    The general idea is good but I would do it near Earth and keep expanding outwards over time.
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