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Thread: The Laws of Energy

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    The Laws of Energy

    The Laws of Energy

    For the last two centuries the laws of energy and thermodynamics were defined by three distinguished men of science, Rudolf Clausius, Lord Kelvin and Max Planck. The first law of Thermodynamics is defined: “that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.” The second law of Thermodynamics can be summarized by “Simply no perpetual machines allowed” or “The work effect can’t be greater than the energy supplied.”

    This paper explores a different approach to energy and thermodynamics based on the following statements:
    1. All energy has two components: work energy and heat energy
    2. Work and heat are byproducts of the transfer of energy.
    3. Without the transfer of energy there is no transfer of work or heat. .
    4. Work can create heat but heat can’t create work

    One reason for using this approach is to eliminate the confusion of the term “heat” currently used in the discussions of thermodynamics and physics. In most thermodynamics books the term “heat” is used to describe the transfer of energy in two different ways. In half of the book “heat” can be converted to work and later in the book “heat” represents the energy wasted. To eliminate this confusion the terms “heat” and “work” will not be used to describe the transfer of energy but only act as the byproducts of the transfer of energy. One example of this approach is to change the simple statement from “the sun heated the water” to “the sun transferred energy to the water”.

    The following is a step by step approach to this paradigm shift in energy and thermodynamics:

    The complete article with images and calculations can be found at [link redacted]
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    How do you classify potential energy? Is that "work energy"?

    ETA: Or, other types of energy, like binding energy or kinetic energy?

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    You already presented this idea in an ATM thread in 2014. All you did in that was promote your website and state your idea (with a virtually identical post). You never answered questions put to you, nor participated in any discussion.

    Our rules clearly state that you get one chance at an ATM idea, that you need to answer questions, and that self-promotion is forbidden. Given all that, this thread is closed and you are infracted. Do not bring up this topic again without permission of the Moderation Team.
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