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Thread: Question: Split The "Space Exploration" Area?

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    Question: Split The "Space Exploration" Area?

    I'm not sure if this is something anyone else things is relevant or anything but I can see how "Space Exploration" could be broken up into a couple of areas:

    - Manned Spaceflight Missions
    - Planetary and Deep Space Probes

    There could be some cross over, for example, probes which survey the moon or mars looking for potential landing spots might be able to fit in either. They just seem generally distinct enough to have to areas.

    Also I'm not even sure that something like the spacestation really qualifies as "exploration" it's not really exploring LEO but it is doing science.

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    Hi fairywendy9x, welcome to CQ.

    Yes, I can imagine Space Exploration being split like that. But I don't think we have enough traffic in that area to justify such a split, and to be honest, I think we have too many sub-forums already, and so I'm not anxious to create more.
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    Also, "manned" isn't very descriptive considering that there are female astro-, cosmo-, spatio- and taikonauts.

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