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Thread: Do "spoilers" really spoil things for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Boy, do I disagree!

    Part of the joy of experiencing a good story the first time is not knowing how it ends. You live it real time, as intended. (If that wasn't the intent, then Moby Dick would have a Foreword, "Ahab dies, the whale lives, enjoy the story.") This can make even a mediocre story one worth experiencing.

    Once you know the ending, if the story is good / well-presented, you can enjoy it again and again. In fact, you may chose a particular retelling not for the story but for the presentation. (Did you ever see that remake of Casablanca? Yeah, once was more than enough.)

    I think it comes down to this: If spoilers don't bother you, fine. But don't spoil the story for others for whom they do make a difference.
    Of course, many modern reprints of classics do come with scholarly forewords that sometimes contain such spoilers-- I think the version of Jane Eyre we read in High School had a foreword that spoiled who the heroine would eventually marry.

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    My brother-in-law gave me a copy of Jonathan Ross's The Incredibly Strange Film Book: An Alternative History Of Cinema (1993), which I've just finished reading.
    It's 290 pages of spoilers - Ross describes the plot of pretty much every film he reviews, often giving the ending if he thinks the ending is interesting. Now that would be a nightmare gift for the spoiler-sensitive!

    Grant Hutchison

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