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Thread: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmocrazy View Post
    You know, the film was full of ridiculous scenarios/plots and script/dialogue that made you cringe at times. But the nostalgic child in me forgave all that, because its Star Wars! I just accept its a sci-fi fairy tale where the logic and science are thrown out of the window. So I tend to go into the cinema already convinced that I'm going to enjoy the film, regardless.
    Yes. I felt that way for all the others. This one not so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveC426913 View Post
    Yes. I felt that way for all the others. This one not so much.
    I haven't had any particular expectations of Star Wars since the original movie - I'd have been fine with that remaining a stand-alone. Rogue One has been the only one I've felt engaged by since.
    For me, this one suffered not just from the notorious second-in-a-trilogy effect, but by the fact it was intent on both subverting the narrative of the original trilogy and making nods to it, while also reversing some of the set-ups from Episode VII, and telling a story which involved improvisation and set-backs. The overall effect was that it felt like it was just going nowhere - the characters had to mill around in frustrating and contrived ways, explaining the plot to each other as they went. I wasn't thinking "My, what's going to happen next?" - it was "Dear god, there can't be more!"

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