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Thread: A poem I wrote published in a wall calendar

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    Mytho-poetic dreams.

    Smile A poem I wrote published in a wall calendar

    I have no share in the profits of this calendar. None. A free copy was issued only.

    commercial link to 2018 Haiku Calender removed

    My poem appears on the February page. Cindy M*****.

    The publisher is small and independent. I am not posting on his behalf. I've not notified him of same.

    It's nicely crafted and the first time I'm published in print.

    Happy Holidays and New Year to all.
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    congratulations on finding the shortest month, a great achievement. it's hard to find a rhyme for february.
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    Originally Posted by Ken G

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    Mytho-poetic dreams.
    I didn't find February; Mr. Harris apparently did.

    No rhyming with "February" ... it's a Haiku poem.
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    If you go to such lengths to argue that you make no profit from the link it just shows you're fully aware that it is a commercial link.

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    You really should have asked, and we might even have okey'd it. Infraction issued, link removed.
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    ice of February

    reaches us before Winter

    chilling December
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    Congratulations on being published.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swampyankee View Post
    Congratulations on being published.

    I drew a cartoon once, for a blog, and it ended up being printed in some Irish newspaper; had about three cartoon printed in local papers, as well, via that was about 'peak grit', in a winter edition. I'm no Carl Giles, but I suppose they're ok for a small rag.
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    Iíll add my congratulations, too. I once had an original effect published in an issue of the Society of American Magicianís magazine, M-U-M, so I know how exciting a feeling it can be. I have no talent for writing haiku, though.
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    that is great new.
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    Well now I want to read it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buttercup View Post
    My poem appears on the February page....
    Wow! Buttercup has been published! Major congrats!
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