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Thread: how do CDROM games deal with bugs?

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    how do CDROM games deal with bugs?

    I used to have a Play Station, and I wondered recently how they dealt with any bugs that went unnoticed in production.
    If there is some kind of error, does the program jump to a de-bugging program, or something, to try to sort it out?

    My old BBC Micro used to have the code ONERROR GOTO (line x) I seem to remember..
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    It's kind of like the onerror goto, it uses a parity bit to detect errors and duplicated data to make corrections. It's called Cross Interleaved Reed Solomon Code or CIRC. Here is a link that explains how it works:

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    That ABC article discusses how to compensate for damage to the delivery medium. I assumed Mudskipper was wondering about how to compensate for design problems in the software being run from the CD (or DVD).

    After a CD-based program has been loaded into a computer's RAM (which has to happen for it to be able to run), it's relatively straight-forward for a separately installed software patch to overwrite and replace the original buggy code with jumps to additional, corrected, software modules. That's how a lot of malware works, too. Operating systems have been implementing features which make that more and more difficult, of course, but it's not hard to get around them.

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    You make me realize how long it has been since I wrote any
    computer programs. I only vaguely remember putting in a
    section for catching and handling various kinds of errors.
    I usually tested input carefully enough to prevent any input
    that would cause an error.

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