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Thread: Happy 2018

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    Us too Astrotimer, love scallops. We have shopped at all the local grocers, seafood markets, and food clubs and haven't been really satisfied with the quality until recently. Our #1 scallop provider is now Wegmans, they opened up 2 mega grocery stores here last summer (mostly a NE US company, but spreading out). Every scallop I've ever eaten (even at restaurants) has had at least a slight hint of ammonia aroma when cut open, not Wegmans. Also, most scallops shrink when cooked (we saute ours) to about 1/2 the original size. again, not Wegmans scallops which remain plump and tender. Hope you have a Wegmans store near you to give them a shot.
    the Ammonia taste probably comes from a solution they use to preserve the scallop I think they label those as wet and the ones unprocessed as dry.
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    Lucky you to be so fresh on the seafood!!. One of my earliest threads here was about scallops and how of all the shellfish the scollop is never sold in the shell.

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    My mother is allergic so I don't get that often.
    From the wilderness to the cosmos.
    You can not be afraid of the wind, Enterprise: Broken Bow.

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    The last time I has scallops was in the late 1980's when I ordered the shrimp feast at a restaurant and got a seafood platter, which had a few scallops, instead. I didn't want to wait to eat so I didn't complain. Scallops are good but I like shrimp better.

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    Don't offer your scallops to my wife, they cause her serious gastric distress.
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    I got to take a real walk for the first time this year today. It was below freezing and there was a frostbite warning if you stayed out later than 30 minutes, so I didn't go very far, just to the end of the block and halfway down another street, but it was cool to see the farm fields under the snow and I picked up some trash from the side of the road.

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