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Thread: John Young, astronaut

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    John Young, astronaut

    Just saw on TV, NASA astronaut John Young passed away
    at age 87. He orbited Earth on the first Gemini flight, Gemini 3,
    with Gus Grissom, and commanded Gemini 10 on which Michael
    Collins did a spacewalk. He orbited the Moon on Apollo 10, in
    spacecraft nicknamed Charlie Brown and Snoopy, and landed
    on the Moon with Charlie Duke on Apollo 16. He commanded
    the first unpowered glide test flight of the Space Shuttle
    Enterprise, and commanded the first flight of Space Shuttle
    Columbia into orbit, with Robert Crippen, and again when
    Columbia took the first Spacelab into orbit with a crew of six.

    John was the first astronaut I met and talked with, in 1972,
    after his landing on the Moon, when the Apollo 16 crew
    visited the Twin Cities.

    -- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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    I hope he has an engraving of a corned beef sandwich on his headstone.

    RIP John Young. You (mostly) rode them all in the golden age of space flight.
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    48,122 article on his passing

    Fly high Captain Young.

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    Gemini, Gemini-Agena, Saturn V+LM+rover,Enterprise,Columbia,Spacelab. First manned Gemini. First manned Shuttle.

    The lack of Mercury, X15 and Skylab can be forgiven. You won't find a more complete astronaut.

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    When astronauts were still heroes, instead of just exceptionally good professionals. RIP.
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    RIP John Young

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    Wow, what a resume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slang View Post
    When astronauts were still heroes, instead of just exceptionally good professionals. RIP.
    Of course, they were exceptionally good professionals first. The first two generations of astronauts were, I believe, all experimental test pilots in an era where those guys couldn't buy life insurance.

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    RIP John.

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    I just finished reading “Into the Black.”

    Folks like John are a rare breed, and we were lucky to have him.

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    I vividly remember being inspired by a photo of Capt. Young on the flight deck of Columbia during the first shuttle mission, working on a check list with gray hair and reading glasses. "Wow", I thought, "getting older really DOESN'T mean you can't do great stuff!"
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    "Remembering John Young, an 'Astronaut's Astronaut', Gone at Age 87"

    John Young, one of only 12 humans to have walked the dusty surface of the Moon, one of only three of mankind’s sons to have traveled twice to lunar distance, the only astronaut to fly aboard Gemini, Apollo and the Space Shuttle, and the first person to record six space missions, has died, aged 87. Known to posterity as “The Astronaut’s Astronaut”, Young was a titanic figure in NASA’s astronaut corps for more than four decades. His passing brings to five the total number of veteran Moonwalkers who are still with us.

    Young died Friday, 5 January, following complications from pneumonia. Acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot paid tribute to an astronaut who logged 34 days, 19 hours and 34 minutes in space—a mere five weeks, all told, far less than the average duration of one of today’s International Space Station (ISS) increments—but whose time beyond the gaseous veil of Earth’s atmosphere saw Young at the forefront of exploration and discovery.

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    Thank you for inspiring a generation, including this spellbound young Aussie who watched your A16 mission in wonder. The very best of the very best.

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