It was the only time I've ever been on a pure, sugar white beach. Which was interesting due to its reflective qualities.

We had already been deployed to the Indian Ocean for six months, so most of the flightdeck crew felt they were tanned enough not to have to take extraordinary measures to avoid sunburn.

As it turns out, extraordinary measures were what was needed because the list of sunburned woes ran:

Arches of both feet, bottom of the jaw, bottom of the nose and the lower part of the upper eye sockets. Nor was I alone. It seems few people sun bathe hanging upside down.

I thought the arches of the feet was cheating though. The distance, even in flip-flops, seems too short.

Online I couldn't find any sources, and I've been on numerous coral beaches. This was a crystalline substance. I looked at it really closely as I was curious about it.