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Thread: Kindle typos

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    Kindle typos

    I read my Kindle a lot. In a lot of books, there is an odd typo or two. It is like "The village chief entered the but" or "The cot walked up to the man and purred"...where it is like the letter had a bit of dirt on it.
    I go so far as to highlight the word to check the definition.
    Are Kindle books scanned from dead tree editions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Mazanec View Post
    Are Kindle books scanned from dead tree editions?
    I suspect not.

    I suspect that all books are now entered electronically, and then the output either goes to a printer, or to the cloud.

    I recall lots of typos in print-books too, so I don't think typos are anything new.
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    It depends on the book. Digital reissues of back-catalogue books from the days of paper manuscripts and metal typesetting (or digital versions of books that are out of copyright) are often scanned with OCR. Some publishers do a good job of proof-reading the result, but many don't. The worst is the "independent publisher" (a guy working in his bedroom) who has obtained a copyright-expired printed text and is looking to make a bit of money by selling a digital version to people who haven't noticed that the scanned text is available for free on-line.

    Nowadays there's a reverse phenomenon, too - a book originally released in an electronic format which has simply been poured into a publishing program to produce a dead-tree version. No-one checks the automatically generated layout, and it's left with crazy hyphenation, frequent widows and orphans, and flipped apostrophes. My most memorable example is a paper book I read in which a chapter ended on a page that was entirely blank except for the word-fragment "-ate." at the top left.

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    There is a well known UK military publisher which has a recurring issue with, I assume, kerning where words beginning "fi" are rendered with the "fi" run together and a large gap before the third letter. That is on the hard copies, I have no idea whether it crops up on the electronic ones as well.

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