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Thread: Ep. 477: State of Exploration: Once and Future Moon

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    Ep. 477: State of Exploration: Once and Future Moon

    It's been decades since humans set foot on the Moon. Well, it's time to go back, in theory. Of course, we've heard this all before. What are the plans afoot to send humans back to the Moon this time. What hardware will we use, and what other strategies are in the works to make this happen?


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    I've seen many different paths suggested to get back to the moon and to Mars (Ares, SLS, Falcon Heavy, etc.). We see the hardware in testing for Orion, we've seen Dragon capsules in flight and in development, we've now seen the launch of the Falcon Heavy. The missing pieces are things like a landing module (like the LEM), lunar or Mars surface suits, surface transportation (like the lunar rover). I haven't seen any real developments on these fronts, at least nothing serious. NASA has rolled out the Batmobile looking Mars rover prototype. It is obviously a PR toy and something that is beyond impractical and will never be launched.

    Is anyone aware of any real projects in development or testing that are being prepared so they will be ready near the same time as the other hardware? Apollo era equipment was all being developed simultaneously sot that everything would be ready to meet the end of the decade goal.

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