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Thread: How would you fully define 'randomness'?

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    How would you fully define 'randomness'?

    I don't mean statistical analysis to show that something exhibits random behaviour, I mean, what fundamentally is randomness?

    I think there may be no such thing, or at least the concept of randomness and behaviour having no meaning, but if we assume that everything has been the result of some cause and effect, then maybe there is a deep structural cause for all events. Nothing you could model on a computer, as the real world is continuous, and infinitely detailed. Continuous in time for example. most people assume.

    So if there is a deep structure, then maybe patterns emerge, at the atomic level, which lead to the formation of the first cells on this planet...I visualise a sort of dance at the atomic level, like a barn dance and the atoms hoe-down into shapes that end up self replicating.

    Someone implied this to me, so I would think it is not an original perspective.

    So what is randomness...and is the word pseudo-random really just applicable to computer programming, but is really a redundant term..
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    Random Answer

    Wiki article is here:

    Good definition in the first sentence.

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