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Thread: Majority religion

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    Majority religion

    Has there ever been a time when 51% of the human race believed one religion?

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    My guess would be that most people regarded the sun as either a God or mystically significant around 11000 or 12000 years ago when the skies cleared from that most recent huge impact 12800 years ago to reveal the sun again. If you consider the mythical significance plus the well documented oral record of song and dance from that time. Well being personal if I was around then I would regard the sun as pretty amazing and I doubt if I would have thought about the earth other than a local environment in which to wander about .
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    I think the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis is falling from favour - the original evidence offered seems to be on increasingly shaky ground:
    Comprehensive analysis of nanodiamond evidence relating to the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis
    Interpreting palaeofire evidence from fluvial sediments: a case study from Santa Rosa Island, California, with implications for the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis

    But with reference to the OP, are all forms of sun worship the same religion? Wouldn't the nature of belief and ritual vary from place to place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grant hutchison View Post
    But with reference to the OP, are all forms of sun worship the same religion? Wouldn't the nature of belief and ritual vary from place to place?
    Yeah, my first thought was, does 51% of any religion believe in the same religion? But that's not a comment about religion, but more of human nature. Anyway, as far as "organized" religions go, there has never been a time where 51% of all human population were members of the same organized religion.

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