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Thread: Making 100% right-handed and left handed molecules

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    Making 100% right-handed and left handed molecules

    Life evolved somewhere, and carbon-based life as we know it is predominantly of a single handedness (though not quite perfectly). One of the first to notice this was Biot, and soon afterwards, Pasteur discovered that crystals of racemic acid were distinct mirror images of each other, and that if you separated them into little piles of each, redissolved them in water, the solutions would rotate the plane of polarized light in opposite directions. SEE:https://archives.library.illinois.ed...ec7-8/7-8.html

    For a long time, converting one type of handed molecule into another was pretty tedious, but these three authors working in Germany predicted Rotationally Induced Chirality ...RIC...which will convert 100%, and now it works. Pretty neat, and as chiral molecules open up new avenues of research for their biological activity....$$$$$$$. Cheers.


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