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Thread: Serious question about the state of the electricity science

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    Serious question about the state of the electricity science

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    Edit to add: OP infracted. Thread reopened.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ultramaryna View Post
    What is going on here?

    Inertia of the Carrier of Electricity in Copper and Aluminum:
    It appears that not much is going on here. Have you abandoned the idea of defending the several ATM assertions you have made? I see that you have enough spare time to start another thread with ATM undertones, so perhaps you have lost interest in defending your several unsupported assertions about mainstream "electricity science"?
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    If pink flamingo can bark like dog, therefore muffin. You are welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    If pink flamingo can bark like dog, therefore muffin. You are welcome.
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    I'll summarize my points:
    You can't just throw quantities together because the dimensions of the results fit. Dimensional analysis is a useful crosscheck of the validity of an equation, but you can't blindly perform mathematical operations just because they work out to the right units. Kinetic energy of a mass is 0.5*m*v^2, gravitational potential energy is m*g*h. Same units, same kind of quantity, but different quantities that are not interchangeable.

    ultramaryna, you're not even accounting for the fact that momentum and force are vector quantities while power is a scalar quantity. Your argument is more or less equivalent to stating that power = torque*rotation rate, therefore cars can't go in straight lines. You have no logical foundation and your claims are refuted by every electronic device around you.

    And your assumption that our understanding of electricity is based on "ancient beliefs or rather on a stupid tradition" reveals profound ignorance about the history of electricity. The electron was discovered about 120 years ago, the first transistor was built about 70 years ago. Our understanding of electricity is something that has developed over centuries of experimentation and discoveries, and we now build circuits where migration of conductor material due to the flow of electrons is an issue, and build flash memory that stores data by pushing electrons across an insulating barrier.

    If you have real questions about electricity, do some research. There's enormous amounts of material available on the internet about the topic. You're not learning anything by ignorantly ridiculing an enormously successful and well-developed area of science as "fantasy".

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    30 days. Closed.
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