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Thread: Big Bang As described in Ancient Dcument from Egypt

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    Big Bang As described in Ancient Dcument from Egypt

    I found a document from antiquity I believe describes the [10 2 the - event] I need someone who might be able to look with an informed eye.
    I am completely a novice so be gentle.

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    Dear DOivet

    Welcome to CQ, I have approved your post, but you will need to give much more information than what is in your OP, in order for the people here to give you some feedback.

    Have fun
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    I would just make a couple of (pre-emptive) points.

    Firstly, there are a large number of ancient cosmologies: some religious, some philosophical, some protocols-scientific. Some of these might have a resemblance to some aspects of modern cosmology. To say that one of these describes the Big Bang (as understood today) and is not just superficially and coincidentally similar, it would need to provide some very specific detail that could be compared quantitatively. This might seem a high bar to place on myth and I would agree in mist cases, but if someone is going to claim that it describes the same hing as modern science then it has to be held to the same standards.

    Secondly, current science does not really say anything much about the Big Bang "event". It is not even certain that there was such a thing. Current theory really allows us to make firm statements about what happened a fraction of a second after any such event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DOivet View Post
    I found a document from antiquity....
    As wiki states: "The majority of atoms produced by the Big Bang were hydrogen, along with helium and traces of lithium...."

    How does a "document from antiquity" deal with this factual detail when the whole idea of atoms was not figured out until, like, the 1890s?
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