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Thread: Electron mass and the Hubble parameter

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    Electron mass and the Hubble parameter

    Hello, I wrote this essay for a competition and I'd like some feed back. It has to do with the Large Number Hypothesis, namely I've defined the electron mass in relation to the Hubble parameter and other fundamental constants.

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    The Against The Mainstream subforum is not intended as a place to simply receive feedback. You were also warned in a previous thread:

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    It is relatively easy to write equations that relate fundamental constants to other fundamental constants. The real question is what happens when we plug the numbers in. Using the Hubble parameter has 2 problems.
    The mass of an electron has been measured to a high degree of accuracy. The current Hubble parameter (the Hubble constant) is not well constrained. Over the last decade we have measurements between 67 and 74 (km/s)/Mpc. Cosmological analyses is about 67.7 (km/s)/Mpc, analysis using galaxies are around 73 (km/s)/Mpc.
    The mass of an electron is expected to be constant. The evidence is that the fine-structure constant has been constant for some billons of years. The Hubble parameter varies over those scales.

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    This is the second thread where you think you can just use this forum to publicize your non-mainstream ideas without discussing them here. As you have been told several times already, you need to actually present the idea here and then participate in the discussion about it.

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