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Thread: Cryogenic freezing

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    Cryogenic freezing

    So i was watching this. and at some point he talks about cryogenic freezing. In the problem with ice crystals destroying the body. - can we correct it by doing an experiment with pressurized water to flash freeze it under pressure and see if the pressure difference prevents the crystals from forming? Then we can see if the human body can endure such pressures. Such as in a hyperbolic chamber? I think thats what its called..
    Or possibly the same experiment but with saline Solutions.
    I know with greater pressure, warter freezes at a colder temperature so.. idk. I really don't think this will pan out

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    Cryogenics is the science of materials at low temperatures. The process of freezing humans for alleged long-term survival is cryonics. That might give you a useful search term to access the large literature on the topic. (And I think you mean a hyperbaric chamber.)

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    Cryogenic freezing


    If you're not advocating an against-the-mainstream theory that you're prepared to defend, you've posted in the wrong forum. Report your post to explain what you're getting at and we'll move it, if appropriate. Until then, thread closed.

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    Thread reopened and moved from ATM to Space Exploration. I originally intended Q&A but I guessed that discussion might quickly move beyond the scope of Q&A and relate mostly to the space travel applications of cryonics. If another forum would be a better fit, please report this post.
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