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Thread: Kīlauea Activity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trebuchet View Post
    It was the early '80's when we were there, so yeah. My recollection is that the car rental companies forbid taking them up there.
    Ours was a standard 2 wheel drive rental vehicle hired from Hilo airport. The road was in excellent condition .. fully sealed (etc).
    There doesn't seem to have been any volcanic intrusions or quakes along that route since then (its all seems pretty stable in that direction).

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    From Wikipedia:
    Route 200, known locally as Saddle Road, traverses the width of the Island of Hawaiʻi, from downtown Hilo to its junction with Hawaii Route 190 near Waimea. The road was considered one of the most dangerous paved roads in the state, with many one-lane bridges and areas of marginally maintained pavement. Most of the road has now been repaved, and major parts have new re-alignments to modern standards. The highway reaches a maximum elevation of 6,632 feet (2,021 m) and is subject to fog and low visibility. Many rental car companies used to prohibit use of their cars on Saddle Road, but now allow use of the road. The highway experiences heavy use as it provides the shortest driving route from Hilo to Kailua-Kona and access to the slopes of Mauna Loa and the Mauna Kea Observatories.
    Apologies for the digression. There's also a road around the coast to the northwest, it appears.

    Back on topic, the Hale Ma'uMa'u crater has undergone dramatic changes in the past few days, with the walls caving in.
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    There's some really neat images and relatively recent info on the caldera changes here.
    There's also a hi-def video of summit fly-overs conducted from June 5th showing what's been going on (takes forever to load, however).

    PS: Probably not: but there looks to be a set of footprints leading right up to the rim, too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by geonuc View Post
    The 1883 Krakatau eruption was plinian, not strombolian. While phreatic effects may have contributed to the overall sequence, the big eruption would have been due to a rapid buildup of pressure from degassing as fresh, hot magma was introduced into the magma chamber. That's my understanding.
    Then what about something like another Diamond Head?

    There is a part of me that wonders if this might be the last gasp of the 83' eruption, with everything becoming more quiet as the big island moves off the hot spot--or is that jumping the gun a little?

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