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Thread: How to tell the age of an antique monocular

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    How to tell the age of an antique monocular


    If this is the wrong forum in which to answer my question, I would appreciate being directed to the appropriate one.

    I have inherited an old monocular and am wondering if it was the one used in the Civil War by my ancestor who served in said war. This artical was passed to me by the son of the man who served.

    The monocular is 6" long, compacted. When fully extended, it is 18 and 1/4" long. The circumference is 4 1/2". The instrument is brass, covered with thin black leather, and trimmed with what looks like braided rope. I do not see any maker's mark.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. I have attached 3 pictures.
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