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Thread: Life on Mars

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    Life on Mars

    Just looking for new ideas. Let's say you were a young adult born and raised on a Martian colony. What sort of work would you do? What do you imagine your role is in helping the colony thrive?
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    Probably would be doing stuff like helping growing and harvesting the colonies food, or working in a field close to what you would be doing as adult. I have the feeling in some respects you would have to be as useful as possible starting out young.
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    I wouldn't expect anyone who doesn't truly want to be on Mars at all. . If you've decided to go to Mars, you're probably an engineer, or scientist, or farmer, or technician, or something that you can apply to Mars. Which means that the best way for you to pay your debt to society would be to work it off--community service for almost everyone, and deportation back to Earth for the irredeemable criminals.

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