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Thread: Spiral structure - Big question - Simple answer

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    Spiral structure - Big question - Simple answer

    Spiral structure

    Our scientists have missed the main structure of spiral galaxy.
    They only see spiral arms.
    But this is just one element in the galaxy.
    There are bridges and branches between the arms.
    So, the spiral galaxy is a complex of structure with few spiral arms but with many bridges and branches.
    There is one force which leads the whole activity in the galaxy.
    Gravity force!!!
    Gravity works locally, while locally is relativity!!!
    As the moon orbits around the Earth/moon center of mass, the Sun orbits around the local arm center of mass.
    As the Earth/moon center of mass orbits around the Sun, the Sun' local center of mass orbits around the center of the galaxy.
    So, the Sun doesn't orbit around the galaxy, it orbits around a local center of mass.
    The orbital cycle of the Sun includes solid proof for that:
    The Sun orbits around a local center of mass in the Spiral arm.
    We see clearly that as it orbits this center, it moves in and out to the galactic center and also up and down to the disc.
    The ONLY explanation for that is a simple orbital cycle.
    I really wonder how could it be that our scientists have failed to see this key element.
    However, this is just part of the story.
    Our Sun also drifts outwards from the Center.
    Therefore, its real velocity is not identical to the spiral arm velocity.
    Actually, if we could force the arm to stay at one location, we should see that as the Sun drifts outwards, it can still have a significant velocity. We should also see that the Sun sets a nice orbital cycle around its local center of mass.
    Hence, although, the spiral arm orbits at lower velocity around the center of the galaxy, the Sun can gain higher velocity and still stay in the spiral arm which is based on gravity dense.
    We can think about it as some sort of gravity highway:
    However, the cars must stay at the gravity roads. From time to time they can move to other highway by using bridges and branches, but in general they have to stay at the road at any given moment.
    Therefore, the SMBH has no real effect on the velocity of a star which is located far away in one of those roads and there is no real need for dark matter to keep the Sun in its orbital cycle.
    Hence, the stars can orbit at fairly constant speed (depending on their location in the gravity road) without any issue for winding problem.
    All we need is our Isaac Newton and its gravity law.
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    this seems to be the same stuff you proposed in the trojan thread, there is no double dipping, thread closed for now
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