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Thread: Cosmology with a perfect Occam's razor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebas View Post
    There are thinkers and there are learners. The learners go to math class and think they are prestigous yet they aren't even as smart as a construction worker that can build things. They just copy each other with their learning capacity and nod yes to the highest idol without thinking it through. I explained the basics of Heaven perfectly well and if you need to insist that it isn't allowed to be called heaven as that would be religion then you're wasting time.
    So... if you are not prepared to discuss science on a science forum, what are you doing here? You have yet to actually answer with any substance any question actually put to you.

    Its too bad I am not allowed to show you the whole cosmology on this forum so you got me at a serious disadvantage because forum rules make even a free book of 90 pages which I'll never all place on this forum look like its merchandise.
    Based on what you have been spouting so far, that seems somewhat overpriced.

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    Ok, what is the most important question are you attempting to answer with your book? And how would this method be better than other that have already been presented, accepted or rejected?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebas
    Space is filled with these particles that all press upon each other with infinite strength and thus they press with equal strength upon each other which creates a balance. So nothing will expand or shrink just like that it takes something more.
    However we have good scientific evidence that the universe is expanding. How do you reconcile the expansion of the universe against your claims?

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    Sebas -- It's been over a week since you last posted. Have you abandoned this thread? If not, when may I expect an answer to my question about whether your theory can reproduce the Rayleigh scattering relationship?
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    Your 30 days are up and you did not use them well; ignoring the thread for several weeks while you have pending questions is poor behavior. You had your chance with this topic - do not bring up this topic again without prior permission of the Moderation Team.
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