The waning gibbous Moon will occult (cover) the magnitude +2.8 star Delta Capricorni for observers in the northeastern quadrant of North America during the middle of the night of 2018 JUL 01-02. This will include Chicagoland where the star will be less than one degree above the horizon at the time of immersion, but well above at the time of emersion.

Delta Carpricorni is the 14th brightest star for which lunar occultations are possible. The current series of 23 monthly Delta Capricorni occultations extends from 2018 JUN 04 to 2020 FEB 22, with an interruption just before the end of 2019. However the large majority are not visible at nighttime from any particular location. The next series will commence on 2024 JUN 25.

The upcoming immersion will occur on the lunar bright limb and emersion on the dark limb. Observers on the only graze path will witness the star winking on and off as lunar hills and valleys pass by. That includes the vicinities of St. Louis and Raleigh. Those north of the path will see a full occultation.

Iíve created a graze map for North America, a set of Besselian elements for computer input, and preview graphics with data for Chicago. They can be seen by visiting my Occultations webpage at

Photos and descriptions of the occultation would be welcome additions to this thread. If you would like specific occultation or graze predictions for your location, please reply to this post with your longitude, latitude, elevation and time zone.