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Thread: Underground Liquid Water Found on Mars!

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    Underground Liquid Water Found on Mars!

    A new analysis of 15 years of data from the Mars Express probe by a team of Italian scientists shows compelling evidence for their being liquid water beneath Mars southern polar region.
    The post Underground Liquid Water Found on Mars! appeared first on Universe Today.


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    Great news. This helps the hydrolox Mars base camp lander--now a better fit than Zubrins Methane fuel from ISRU

    "Lockheed Martin also used the talk to emphasize the development of a “water-based economy” in space where water is extracted from the moon or asteroids for use as propellant or other applications in Earth orbit and beyond. The development of that water-based economy was one reason the company selected liquid hydrogen and not methane for the lander’s propulsion system, along with the overall efficiency of that propellant combination."

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