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Thread: Does all reality come from the same source?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaxRubiks View Post
    don't the known laws of physics break down 'long' before you get that far back?
    Yes. Currently from about a picosecond (10e-12s) after the extrapolated point where a singularity would occur the physics we have appear to be well matched to observations and we are within their domain of applicability. Between 10e-36 and 10e-32 we have some handle on what might be going on as we are into the electroweak domain. Any further back and it is mostly speculation. We don't know how if even if the strong force is unified with the electroweak force and we don't even have a framework that could unify gravity.

    Quote Originally Posted by WaxRubiks View Post
    I think it makes sense only to extrapolate back to that point...anything further back simply can't be assumed, I would think.
    True. The Big Bang is speculated by a fair few to be some kind of start of time and space and so on - but that is a belief, not based on any evidence or theory. Unfortunately it was so pervasive you often see it reported as fact in popular science (and even by people who work the field and seem to get carried away)

    The closest I can see to your idea of a 'source' for different aspects of the universe would be one of the speculation that the laws of physics are set by some aspect of the universe (for example the underlying manifolds in string theory, the spin networks in loop and triangulation theories, ground state of the fields in more SM like models). If then the universe is some kind of cyclic system and somehow bits of it survive the end/start process you could have things that exist that could not be created in the new universe but somehow can survive.

    Thing is the above structure would still be explained by a good TOE because you'd know why the laws/values were what they are. And the whole speculation has so many if and maybe components in it I'm not sure it is worthwhile until we know a lot more about the universe.

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    Could the op please define what he means under the term "reality". Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by gzhpcu View Post
    Could the op please define what he means under the term "reality". Thanks
    we for me it is the things I experience, which would include dreams, so perhaps the wrong word.

    Perhaps what we think of as the physical world, or everything which is part of it.
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