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Thread: Testing one of Arp's key contrary views

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    Testing one of Arp's key contrary views

    Apr suggests, with good data, that quasars are actually ejecta (ejected in pairs) from older spiral galaxies, so are in fact much much closer than the general view of quasars would suggest. He describes many examples in the Virgo Cluster, along with regular progressions of ejected galaxies/quasars and declining redshift with distance from the central galaxy. Then he says, essentially, if you don't find this convincing we can look to the Fornax Cluster in the south and see essentially the same pattern of galaxies and ejecta. If you're curious, check out p. 162 of the book and then fig. 9-3 for a nice schematic (linked below).

    Any thoughts on this argument? It seems that it wouldn't take much time to verify the z values and see if he has a point. And on the small chance that he's right it's a very seriously different universe that we're living in than the one suggested by the standard model.

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