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Thread: Lion Air Flight 610 Crash

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    Quote Originally Posted by schlaugh View Post
    No. Lion Air results may be released in July or August. EA 302 “within a year. “
    Rather timely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bknight View Post
    Rather timely.
    The NTSB used to hold onto any results or findings for quite some time but policy changes have led to a faster information release, especially when some factors are firmly established if only through common sense (impact with terrain, mid air collision, runway incursion, etc.) The root cause analysis and producing a final report still takes quite a bit of time.

    NTSB policy is to publish information as soon as it can be released to the public, so there is no more specific schedule for content release. As new information becomes available that is important to the public, we are committed to putting it on our website in a timely manner.

    The National Transportation Safety Board developed this inventory of its public website content as required by Section 207(f)(2) of the E-Government Act of 2002 (enacted as Pub. L. No. 107-347 (2002)). The purpose of Section 207(f)(2) is to improve the methods by which Government information, including information on the Internet, is organized, preserved, and made accessible to the public. More information on this requirement can be found on the National Archives and Records Administration Web site.
    I imagine that even if the NTSB is ready to publish content related to the two flights it may be holding back pending the final reports from the respective investigating agencies in Ethiopia and Indonesia. Right now there is no information on either flight in the NTSB aviation database.

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    I am continually cheesed off (thanks, BigDon, for that euphemism) at how the news media are persisting in referring to MCAS as an anti-stall system and sometimes writing in a way that could make a reader think that is all it does in normal operation. This CNBC report is an example. Yes indeed it will assist the pilot in recovering from an impending stall if everything is working properly, but once again my understanding is that it functions anytime that the plane is in a normal high angle of attack with the flaps retracted and the autopilot off. This is from pilots to whom I have linked in previous posts.

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