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Thread: See Earth from the ISS

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    See Earth from the ISS

    A time lapse video lasting 15 minutes of Earth, taken from the ISS, released to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the ISS.

    After a Thanksgiving holiday hopefully filled with lots of food and leftovers, take a load off by staring at a lengthy view of the Earth’s ever-changing surface from space. Alexander Gerst, a German astronaut with the European Space Agency, recorded the longest continual timelapse of Earth from space, made with images taken aboard the International Space Station. In just 15 minutes, viewers sore over the Earth as it changes from day to night, glimpsing locations all over the world.
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    Seeing the name of the astronaut I actually expected this clip, which to my surprise I haven't found here yet! It's a timelapse of the Russian Progress MS-10 cargo spacecraft launched on 16 November 2018, as seen from ISS. (Maybe it was already posted, I don't read every thread...)
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