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Thread: Confused About Where to Post a Question

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    Confused About Where to Post a Question

    I have a question to ask. It's just a question asking if a certain idea about cosmic expansion (and the acceleration of it) has ever been considered (and perhaps rejected?) as the cause of the accelerating expansion. I thought maybe I should post it in the "ATM" forum, but after reading some of the posts in this forum about what goes on over there, now I'm hesitant. I couldn't provide any mathematical statements to describe why I would be asking the question, if that's even necessary. I've already written it in a text file to see how long it would be. It's the one-sentence question by itself in the first paragraph, then the second paragraph is an explanation about why I'm asking the question, or the logic behind it. The post will be 170 words, and 851 characters (without spaces), 1025 with spaces. Where should I post it?

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    Hi EternallyWarped, welcome to CQ.

    If all you are going to do is ask, then asking in Q&A would be fine. You can even ask follow-up questions to the answers you get. But you should not use the Q&A sub-forum to argue in favor of this idea,
    nor to cast doubt on the mainstream ideas - that is what ATM is for.
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    And if you're still unsure or hesitant, you could always send your intended post to one of the active mods, who can share it with the others and discuss, or give the go-ahead right away. And by sending I mean either through a private message, or perhaps by using the "report post" button below your own post. But really, we don't usually chew the head off new members on their first post, especially not if they're polite. An honest mistake can happen to anyone, and we know it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EternallyWarped View Post
    I have a question to ask.....
    Looking forward to your question, E.W. Cosmic expansion was pretty remarkable to begin with, but now with acceleration, that's really a mystery. It appears (to me) that the early era of cosmic inflation did not decay completely to give us a perfectly empty vacuum of space. But then, I guess quantum mechanics wouldn't work if it had! Anyway, what's your take/question?
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