I'm not sure that I can post this in "Space/Astronomy Questions and Answers section" so I post here

The final fomula that I propose is :

It's base on the classical notion of the force and the density of cosmological constant :

for the force notion

for the density of cosmological constant

where the Planck force is : .

if and where is for Planck value we have exactly with the notion of classical force :

as the Planck force appears in the density of the cosmological constant I think we can assume that, in the relativity, it's assimilable to a Force of the cosmological constant witch must be egal to

now, we can try to duplicate the Planck's values for the force of the cosmological constant with the notion of classical force :

the more easy is to use instead of (it's constant and have the same dimension)

now we need a mass of matter :

in the Planck force we had

so, in cosmology we need two constant mass and egal (it must be mass of dark matter/2 or (dark matter + baryonic mattter)/2 or baryonic matter/2)

after computational tests the only approximate correct value is (we need to divide by two otherwise we have 2 mass of universe. they must be egals to duplicate the formula of the Planck force)

and add the factor is needed to be ok to within 0.6% with the Planck force value :

with datas of abstract data Planck 2018

if what is above is correct we can write :

and finaly :

I'm interested by your opinion and questions

Thank's in advance