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Thread: Counting My Blessings

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    Found it:

    So not exactly mainstream science, but investigation nonetheless.

    Among those pushing for more research on ASMR is Craig Richard, who runs a website, ASMR University, that posts news articles about ASMR and interviews with researchers. Richard, a professor in the Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences at Shenandoah University in Virginia, says he feels the brain tingles with the right triggers.
    I don't know whether admitting to falling asleep halfway through his show makes him a Bob Ross proponent or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicolas View Post
    Medical science backs you up on this; they have investigated the effect of his voice (while painting, not back in the day when he still was a drill instructor).
    So I think we can modify this. One mainstream scientist has proposed the possibility of investigating this to see if it might be true.

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    Not exactly either. There has been quite some research going on into ASMR in general led by a mainstream scientist (ASMR currently is not yet generally embranced mainstream science and the research done mostly not peer reviewed and all that) and a general concensus in ASMR that Bob Ross' show is a prime example of ASMR triggering. There has been research specifically on the ASMR aspects of Ross' show by Gordon McGladdery. But no, ASMR and its role in Bob Ross' show are not quite as thoroughly investigated and widely accepted as, say, gravity.

    Anyway, Gillianren is far from the only one who gets this relaxation effect from watching The Joy of Fainting Painting, and there are people looking into whether there is a general set of triggers to achieve that result.
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    I do wonder if at least part of it is a certainty that he'd never say any of the ridiculous things people so often say to the mentally ill. Bob Ross wouldn't tell you it was all in your head or to just concentrate!

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    "You just gotta flip that happy little switch there Gillianren"

    ...said no Bob Ross ever.

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