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Thread: Would it be possible to jetpack back to Earth from the Moon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken G View Post
    Don't forget re-entry, that's the dealbreaker.
    But we're talking about teen try

    Whatever (humongous) energy you need to get out of the earth well is returned to the astronaut at teen try, the key is to protect them, or slow down the process to make it survivable. We also don't have to worry about all the fuel that had to be lifted, for the return trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grey View Post
    Although it doesn't invalidate your general point, the Apollo translunar injection was actually done by the third stage. So the fuel for the third stage should be part green and part red (the third stage was also used to complete the orbital insertion; I'm not sure what fraction of the fuel was used for each part).
    Ah. Good catch. Thanks.

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