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    Apollo 11 - 2019 Documentary

    As mentioned in the What Are You Watching thread, I recently saw the new Apollo 11 documentary and very much enjoyed the film, especially in a large screen format. I had hoped to see the film in IMAX but the producers apparently decided to limit the IMAX run to a week or so, and only in a few of the local theaters. Ah well. In any case think of this as the ultimate Apollo 11 highlight reel. On steroids.

    There's a lot of chatter on the interweb about the film and how Todd Douglas Miller found quite a lot of 65mm footage that NASA had never used or rarely used, and a fair number of mission slides taken on the surface with the 70 mm Hasselblad camera carried by Armstrong and rescanned for use in the movie. So there's some new footage never seen before and much more remastered or rescanned. As I said the launch sequence alone is worth seeing the film. There is closeup footage of the F1 exhaust that I had never seen.

    Some scenes in the film were not captured during the actual mission and Miller has been upfront about using that footage to illustrate what was taking place at that point in the mission timeline. But two scenes I had never seen before and can't quite figure out how they were captured:

    - TLI burn. Floating on screen, somewhat blurry in a field of black, is what appears to be the S-IVB stack. At the moment of TLI we see the engine ignite. This is NOT the scene taken from the AS-202 test flight but instead seems as if a telescope was aimed at the stack and captured the moment of ignition.

    - LEM shadow while orbiting the moon. This is a short sequence apparently taken during LEM descent by a Command Module Pilot. I've never see this film and I'm not sure that it came from Apollo 11 or another lunar mission. The LEM is visible as a small object flying above the lunar surface with what seems to be a shadow beneath. Definitely not the footage of the LEM ascent and docking.

    I can see a DVD purchase in my near future.
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