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Thread: Apollo 11 Fifty Year Anniversary Events

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    Apollo 11 Fifty Year Anniversary Events

    Perhaps the greatest landmark acheivement of the human species is that of the Moon landing on July 20th, 1969. Roughly 500 million watched the event on tv. The world may have been more unified that day than any other.

    So I thought that at least there ought to be a thread that lists events that honor that moment. Perhaps some of you will list events that will be on-line or on tv, and I would enjoy seeing what's coming our way.

    Here's just one currently at Purdue displaying items from Neil Armstrong.

    Another thread that I hope someone starts would be to read the accounts from the old folks who watched the event. [I was a stranger to a family who took me into their trailer home to join them in watching the landing. I saw three astronauts take that first step.]
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