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Thread: Mono Pole Position

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    Quote Originally Posted by swampyankee View Post
    I think part of the reason for people looking for magnetic monopoles is that they are permitted by the standard model, and some of these people feel that "permitted" is synonymous with "required."
    It's a little more than that. Monopoles are required by some Grand Unified Theories and their properties could discriminate between other classes of GUT. If we did observe one and established some of its properties it would immediately give a pointer towards unifying current theories. And goodness knows with the Standard Model looking pretty impervious to new physics at the LHC that would be welcome. So I think people look for them mainly because it is a low effort experiment (they have a pretty unique signature accessible by fairly simple detectors) with the potential for a big pay-off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chornedsnorkack View Post
    No requirement for monopole annihilation to produce anything distinctive.
    So: if you have a composite particle with a magnetic dipole moment, how do you ascertain whether the moment is produced by the dipole consisting of magnetic monopoples, or by containing rotating electric charges?
    Worse, we know that the electron, the closest thing to a point particle (when it is a particle), has a magnetic moment. The electron magnetic moment is the biggest contributor to what we know as magnetism, in the macro world.

    It's easy to imagine magnetism being created by the whirling of the charges in an atom, but for the most part, it's not the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noclevername View Post
    What kind of annihilation products would we be looking at? Anything distinctive (IE detectable)?
    Well, it would be an electromagnetic interaction, so the most likely annihilation products would be twin gamma photons, each with an energy equal to the mass of the monopole particle. If monopoles were common, you'd expect to see a spike at the relevant energy. (Of course, even if you saw something like that, which would make you expect there to be a particle of the appropriate mass to account for it, you wouldn't be able to definitively identify that particle as a monopole.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaula View Post
    Monopoles are required by some Grand Unified Theories....
    Thanks for that. If that was not the case, it is unlikely that Guth would have come up with cosmic inflation, which AIUI, was an attempt to explain why we did not readily see monopoles around. As it turned out, it provided explanations for a lot more than that!
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