I've been puzzling over this today (I'm off my citalopram, so forgive me if this is somewhat pessimistic). Throughout my life, whenever I have attempted to volunteer for anything, my contribution has invariably made things worse, not better. It doesn't matter what it is, every project I have ever tried to contribute towards would, without exception, have been better without my input. The only exception was editing Wikipedia, and that's largely because when you screw up someone else will fix it.

I have a number of disabilities, both physical and mental, most of which weren't diagnosed for decades. My life has been one long excerise in bashing my head against various walls until I found one that gave. And even that I'm having trouble turning into a paying concern.

I know what you're going to say. It doesn't matter what the outcome, as long as you tried. Really? Would you say that to a doctor or a fireman who, through inexperience or incompetence, got someone killed? And how many lives to you have to negatively affect before you become good enough at something to balance that effect out? Ten? A hundred? A thousand? How many people have suffered due to a misplaced file, or a garbled phone message, or a late delivery?

I just hope that some day artificial intelligence becomes good enough at predicting our futures that we don't have to waste our lives and others' trying to find what we're good at.