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Thread: Jamilti's Moon thread

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    Jamilti's Moon thread

    There. Thought that would catch your attention. I'm new here and have just finished reading a book called [redacted] which attempts to demonstrate that the moon is an artificial construct. Has anyone else here read the book, if so was it discussed on here, what did you think about it ? Grand revelation or just "pop science" for the masses ?

    If you haven't read the book and don't know what i'm talking about the book has its own website here giving an overview:

    [link removed]

    Any feedback greatly appreciated.
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    I've moved your thread from Moon Mappers to Astronomy, though it may be an imperfect fit in Astronomy.

    Moon Mappers is part of a citizen-science project about the Moon, and is for questions about that project, not a general discussion for lunar topics.

    The book and website you linked to are very much advocating a non-mainstream idea. If you are just asking questions about that idea, and are going to accept mainstream science answers to those questions, than Astronomy is a perfect place to do so.

    However, if you are advocating this non-mainstream idea, even if it is not your idea, then different rules apply and we will have to move this thread again. Please make clear in your next post if you are just asking questions about this, or if you really believe the moon is an artificial construct.
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    Jamilti, I think we can be pretty sure -- no less than (100 - 10-999)% -- that the Moon is not a natural construct.
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    We're also pretty sure -- no less than (100 - 10-999)% -- that the OP is trying to spam a book and website. Thread closed.
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