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Thread: First Thread from a new member

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    First Thread from a new member


    Found this forum today from the Universe Today mail. My name is Mikael Skafar and I live in Sweden. I have been in to Astrophoto now for about three years. I have built a observatory on my yard and every good night I try to capture the wonders in the sky. Unfortunally there is not so many good nights here in Sweden.

    My first attached picture is on M57. This one was captured whit my 10" LX200 GPS telescope at F10 and a SXVH9C camera. I use IDAS light pollution filter and the exposure time was 44 minutes (11x44).

    Other pictures of my observatory and everything else you can find on my Website:
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    Very pretty, and nice setup. The image is pretty deep too.

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    very impressive picture mikeal ,, nice work,,,

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    Very well done Mikeal. I've seen M57 but never photographed it. That shot makes me really want to try.

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